What is Robotics Simulation?

Ingenious robotics simulation

What is Robotics Simulation?

A robotics simulator is used to create an application for a physical robot without depending on the actual machine, thus saving cost and time. In some case, these applications can be transferred onto the physical robot (or rebuilt) without modifications.

The term robotics simulator can refer to several different robotics simulation applications. For example, in mobile robotics applications, behavior-based robotics simulators allow users to create simple worlds of rigid objects and light sources and to program robots to interact with these worlds. Behavior-based simulation allows for actions that are more biological in nature when compared to simulators that are more binary, or computational. In addition, behavior-based simulators may “learn” from mistakes and are capable of demonstrating the anthropomorphic quality of tenacity.

Sensor-based robot actions are much more difficult to simulate and/or to program off-line since the robot motion depends on the instantaneous sensor readings in the real world.

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