Engineering Analysis & Validation

Engineering Analysis and Validation​

Ingenious techno- Systems has strong expertise in conducting engineering analysis and validation using a range of tools and methodologies to enable you to.
  • Test computer-aided simulated models for a range of parameters such as tolerance, fatigue, crash and impact, strength, heat transfer, etc.
  • Optimize product design to improve performance, increase life time, and reduce weight and cost.
  •  Avoid field failures by identifying and resolving structural and design flaws early on.
  • Adopt alternative materials to improve quality, reduce cost of production, or increase the lifecycle of products.

Value Analysis and Value Engineering

Our VAVE services enable you to employ innovative means to increase the value of products and services by :

  • Improving overall quality while reducing cost of production across the lifecycle of the product or service.
  • Increasing functionality and scope of usage of your products and services.
  • Removing functional inefficiencies and duplication in processes.
  • Simplifying processes, improving packaging, and strengthening the value chain.

Knowledge Based Engineering

Every IT services project begins with a thorough analysis of our customers’ requirements to identify the tools and technologies that best suit their environment. The development and implementation efforts that follow are geared towards reducing turnaround time and increasing reliability. The testing and validation phase run in parallel with development to ensure that bugs are identified and resolved early on in the development cycle. Ingenious Techno Systems also offers superior sustenance engineering and professional services to maintain, enhance, and support products throughout their lifecycle

Service Benefits: Our KBE Solutions enhances the engineering productivity by:

  • Ingenious Techno Systems Knowledge-based Engineering (KBE) Solutions can automate any simple or complex engineering tasks which are repetitive and logical in nature.
  • KBE generates all the engineering documents (3D Models/2D Drawings/BoM/Costing/etc…) in 1/10th of the conventional cycle time and hence accelerates ‘Time to Market’.
  •  Reducing the engineering lead time for generation for new product variants.
  •  Accelerating both proposal and production engineering.
  •  As a Knowledge Management Tool, it also.
  •  Removes all engineering redundancies.
  •  Enables consistent design output through Process standardization.

Legacy Data Conversion

We convert 2D paper drawings to 3D models and provide all the supporting drawings and additional designing services. We also use restring and vector conversion of legacy data to convert into editable format. We also provide services to convert drawings on paper or electronic data from one CAD system to a client specific CAD System.