Automated Billet Loader or Feeding System by Ingenious.

Automated Billet Loader

Automated Billet Loader finds usage in the forging industry for in
feeding the billets to a furnace. The systems meet the demands
of loading or feeding of round share billets to furnace or other
devices too.

Process: Hopper of suitable capacity, which holds intermediate stock of billets to be fed to IBH. It can be integrated with a cutting saw machine so that the billet feeding can be done online. 

Vertical conveyor lifts the billets to the height of IBH. Peculiar conveyor design ejects lifted billet when it reaches to the required height. The billets get safely landed on horizontal chain conveyor by the chute. a motion of this conveyor is controlled by a signal from through beam sensor mounted on
horizontal chain conveyor.

Horizontal chain conveyor then carries the billet to IBH. Through-beam a sensor is mounted at the end of the horizontal chain conveyor, interlocking is done in such a way that when the billets get cleared off the sensor, the vertical conveyor will start its upward motion else will remain in top condition. Continuously moving horizontal chain conveyor avoids starving of IBH feeding mechanism.

Ingenious developed hydraulic billet loader machines that are
characterized by:

• Heavy-duty design for severe conditions.
• Fully-hydraulically has driven operations.
• Built-in automation system.
• Capacity – 1 ton – 3 ton
• Cycle time – 7-10 sec.
• Height – Will match as per furnace height.
• Weight – Varied as per capacity.

Advantages of systems

  • Zero levels of manual intervention.
  • The system designed for easy to the handling of the material.
  • Better ROI.
  • Systems can be adopted in the existing set-up.
  • Module-based system, the same can be adopted based on the requirement.
  • Consistency in work.
  • Easy to operate.

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